Taking the picture can sometimes be the easy part, but it's what you do after that sets professional photographers apart.

That's where we come in.



the signature colour

With today's constant battle to stand out as a photographer and the simultaneous increase in presets being used and bought, this service was born. The Signature Colour is a product creation service that offers a set of custom personalized and distinctive presets for either Lightroom or Adobe Raw. Let us help you establish your brand identity and set yourself apart from the crowd with your own signature look.



photo editing

As photographers, we know how overwhelming editing can be. The more clients you get, the easier it becomes to get behind on deliveries. Let us help take the load off your shoulders. With hourly rates for both batch colour grading/editing and more complex retouching projects, we can find the solution for all of your post processing needs.


the nomad presets

This is how we here at Coley Media Co. make our photos look they way they do, and we want to be able to share it with you. Tried and tested on all popular camera systems, these presets have taken years to develop and are here now for you.