the signature colour


With today's constant battle to stand out as a photographer and the simultaneous increase in presets being used and bought, this service was born. The Signature Colour is a product creation service that offers a set of custom personalized and distinctive presets for either Lightroom or Adobe Raw. Let us help you establish your brand identity and set yourself apart from the crowd with your own signature look.


the process...

01 - Order

You book your service and a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours. You will then be forwarded a form to fill out to aide in with the consultation.

02 - Consultation

After filling out the consultation forms, you will send over all the necessary files for me to to begin analysis. I will study your raw files to determine typical lighting/scenarios, photographers who's work inspires you and create shared mood boards to further determine your personal style.

03 - Development 

Taking your raws and what I've learnt from our initial consultation I then start working to bring your ideas to life.

04 - Review

An initial preview gallery is then sent to you online where you can review and provide any feedback so adjustments can be made.

05 - Beta

Client will then be sent a beta version of their presets to thoroughly and rigorously test.

06 - feedback

Secondary review and feedback after testing. Any further tweaks are changes desired are made.

07 - Delivery

Your presets are yours! Final products will be delivered.