Creative director + Owner

I’ve always used the term “Nomadic through style” to explain who I am and what it is I do. As a hopeless wanderer and an artist I am addicted to culture. It feeds my inspiration and is the driving force behind everything I create. Growing up in a family who travels, my love for life abroad started at a very young age.

When I graduated high school early (with a bilingual certificate in French), I was eager to explore. So I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to study at the Berklee College of Music as a vocalist and songwriter. After a summer semester there I came back to my home of Vancouver, BC to study at John Casablancas Institute (for Makeup Artistry) and at Simon Fraser University (for Digital Communications and Marketing). After finishing up my two programs at each school and working along the way doing some online marketing consulting and makeup for the film industry, I headed on a four month trip across Europe. Before I knew it I was back at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts finishing my fourth school program in digital Photography. After an intense year mixing school and travels to Australia and South-East Asia, I graduated school and started Coley Media Co. 

I started this business to combine my love for digital communications and Marketing, Photography, travel and culture, and the internet in general. Being able to mix my degrees and hobbies together into a successful business allows me to drip every ounce of energy and passion I have into my work. 

Whilst completing four schools and four continents worth of travel, I maintained a successful online presence filled with my photography and videography that now drives a lot of the work I do. I now travel for myself and different companies. You can find me working with different tourism-generated businesses on their online marketing through different strategies of imagery, whilst keeping up with my own online platforms as well. With over 30 countries under my belt, I am spending my time growing my list and working abroad.


Operations Director -

Being raised in the small city of Lethbridge, Alberta, my family always placed a lot of emphasis on the importance of travel and exploration. More so, the genuine value of experiencing different cultures, regions and their climates. Growing up in Southern Alberta allowed me to experience some of the most extreme ends of the weather spectrum, gave me access to incredible locations and always left me asking “Where to next?”. The outdoor world has inspired me ever since I was a child and I’m always searching for new offbeat landscapes, isolated regions and immersing myself within those environments. As a photographer and content creator my goal is to bridge the gap between landscapes and people, by inspiring others to explore their surroundings and escape the routine. 

After spending 3 years at the University of Lethbridge studying a mix of Kinesiology and Management, my interests in photography and new media started to consume my life inside and outside university. Being able to combine my love for photography with the outdoor/travel lifestyle has been a dream of mine for years, which led me to the Digital Photography program at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. 

Immediately after graduating from The Vancouver Institute Of Media Arts with a diploma in Digital Photography, I officially joined forces with Coley overseas at Coley Media Co. Since I primarily find myself behind the camera, my skills as an artist and a photographer have been able to give me the creative edge while working alongside Coley. As well, it has given me the opportunity to grow my personal portfolio by photographing new and exciting landscapes. I am stoked to be a part of the team, and I am thrilled to see where this journey will lead us.